About Me

Ever since I can remember, I was drawn to deep conversations–dialogues about the meaning of life, and what we came here for. I grew up in Tel-Aviv, Israel in a family of four kids. Being the first-born had its advantages and naturally came with extra responsibilities. I am thankful, over the years, I have learned to hold the space for this role with gratitude and mindfulness.

As a kid, I enjoyed dancing jazz and performing on stages throughout the city on holidays and special events. There was something thrilling in mastering a dance routine, sharing and delivering it in public. In middle school, my love for physical expression developed as I explored gymnastics and athletics. I loved the track and competed through high school in 60-100 meter, long jump, and to my surprise shot put. The sense of adventure and competition continued as I was drafted into the Israeli Army after high school where I served as a commander and instructor in the Israeli Signal Corps.

My army service was one of my most amazing experiences in life. I have met fascinating young teens from all over the country, mentored with the best commanders and instructors in the Signal Corps, trained young females and males under various conditions, and I loved every minute. Well, not every minute…some parts would be nice to skip, but I guess it’s all part of the ride. What I appreciated about the army service was that it prepared me for life. There are politics, competition and lots of opportunities to grow, fail, excel and expand.

I had no idea how much guts a teenager can have until I found myself leading groups of dozens of soldiers to master operating radio equipment at various intelligence clearance levels while functioning as a cohesive team. After 18 months of dedicated service I completed with honors and was recruited to sign up for additional long-term service.

But my heart was set on something else. I wanted to study psychology and travel outside of Israel. I traveled to the United States with a childhood friend, landed in a Jewish community in Los Angeles California, and explored and traveled in the US which eventually became my home.

I studied psychology and graduated from Cal State University Northridge, California while working full-time in management and sales. I met my first love in L.A. – a cheerful soul with a big loving heart who captivated mine. We got married, led an online business together, started a family, and after 18 years of courtship it came to an end.

It was surprising to me, to him, and shocking to everyone else. But when I slowed down I realized the signs were there along the way. As we each evolved and engaged in tuning to our calling in life, we also steadily grew apart. And although we love and care about each other, something was missing. There was a gap. I became growingly aware that I often felt misunderstood, unheard, and discontent. I made time for introspection, owning my projections, identifying, clearing and healing my wounds. Life Coaching

One of the things I learned in my studies of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica is to tune in and follow my heart. Tuning to myself, asking the hard questions, and reaching out for support changed the game for me. I no longer had to figure everything on my own. It allowed me to surrender and trust that my process is unfolding divinely, despite the many unexpected turns.

Enrolling in the Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica (USM) in 2008 was one of the biggest gifts I gave myself. Not only did I learn powerful tools to work my own process, I also cultivated and practiced the skills that became the foundation to my work and life. Life coaching to me is a transformational journey, a dive into our true Self – the part that awaits to be awakened, celebrated, and expressed fully.

I live today with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for my life experience, as I know it is there to guide and light the path for others who are challenged on theirs.

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Life is happening with us and for us. Dare to live a life you Love!