Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching helps people work on personal development by creating a clear picture of the present moment. It also allows people to form greater self compassion and a loving relationship with oneself. As a Los Angeles life coach I support incredible men and women local to LA, and I also work with national and international clients. I provide coaching  on an individual level, and I also offer group coaching sessions. When some people seek to better understand themselves, they thrive in a group setting where they can share their experience, and gain inspiration from the stories others have to tell.

Individual Coaching that Empowers

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is ideal for highly committed people who prefer working one-on-one outside the group setting in order to discover who they truly are, and to form an authentic loving relationship with themselves. Many of my clients come to me and express the feeling that something is absent in their life. Sometimes we feel like there are walls preventing us from achieving what we really want. Individual coaching helps motivated people break free, and go on to live better lives. Whether the absentee feeling comes from relationships, career, one’s role as a parent, or the ability to connect with one’s self, individual coaching places the client center stage while giving her the support needed to live a richer, more meaningful life.

Group Coaching Powered by Loving Support

Group Coaching

Group coaching environment offers support through hearing the challenges of others that bare similarities to our own. They often serve as sounding boards, and help to give people the courage to speak their mind in a safe place free of judgement. Often, life coaching group sessions help individuals put down their guard, share from their heart and lean toward their fear. By doing that, they are learning to move forward while receiving encouragement and support from the coach and other group members who are cheering them to look ahead and work their process so they can successfully overcome their seeming challenges. Group coaching sessions can be offered to multiple persons who already know one another, or in a small intimate group of people who are meeting for the first time.