Life Coaching for Individuals, Groups and Parents in Los Angeles

Life Coach Los Angeles, Maya Atzlan

Are you looking for a local life coach in Los Angeles who can help you move through the challenges temporarily preventing you from connecting with your authentic self and living an amazing life? I am Maya Atzlan, a local life coach in Los Angeles working with powerful women, men, executives, and motivated individuals who have the courage to invest in their present joy and future happiness From the various family communities in The Valley, to couples and individuals in Beverly Hills, I support powerful people who are ready to courageously step forward and seize the opportunity to work on creating deeper meaning in their life.

Your Los Angeles Life Coach for Women

Life coaching for women is a process that leads my amazing clients to nurturing the parts inside that seek authentic expression, loving forgiveness, and joyful celebration. When coaching local women here in my home city of Los Angeles I witness their courage when they sit with me, take a few steps back to reflect, and engage in continuous heartfelt dialogue fueled by both their curiosity and desire for something better in life. As a life coach for women I lovingly lead my clients to a place void of self-judgement; the fog recedes revealing an inspiring level of clarity that rings profoundly within their own awareness. Actions begin to manifest dreams, and in this process strong women learn to relate to themselves in a new way grounded in acceptance, compassionforgiveness and generosity.

Executive Coaching for Los Angeles CEOs & Senior Management

Los Angeles Executive Coach

As a Los Angeles executive coach for driven professionals, I work with clients to