Have you ever noticed how easy it is for us to look at what is not working, focus on what we did wrong and fill the bank account of not enoughness? It’s easy because that’s what we were programmed to do, it feels natural and familiar, so the tendency is to keep doing it. Unfortunately the result can often lead to self criticism, feelings of inadequacy, discontent and in some cases even depression. If you find yourself in similar situations and want to break free, a life coach can help. A life coach can help you form an authentic loving relationship with yourself. What is an authentic loving relationship with yourself you may ask? An authentic loving relationship with yourself means BEING present, gentle and loving with yourself regardless of circumstance. You make choices that are self honoring rather than self sabotaging and you genuinely feel self love. Here are the top 5 reasons why a life coach can help you form a loving relationship with yourself.

life coach gives you attention

Undivided Attention

When you work with a life coach the only goal is to serve you the client powerfully and authentically through undivided attention. It is said when a person feels heard he feels loved. A life coach provides this much longed need to be fully heard and as a result you feel loved just as you are. By doing this, the life coach is supporting you in hearing yourself, challenging your outlook on life, and offering new angles to view situations while modeling what it is like to love yourself as you are in the present moment without judgement.

life coaches focus on your world

Genuinely Interested in YOUR World

How many of your close relationships are people who are genuinely able to listen to you without interrupting, to voice their opinion, or even worse show signs of impatience when you express challenges or ideas? Sad but true, the answer is very few. A life coach has the capacity to hold a loving space, free of judgement which allows you to become present and voice your truth about a situation however unsettling. In this safe space, the life coach functions as a neutral observer and is genuinely interested in one thing only – YOU and YOUR WORLD. Everything else falls into the background and is non-existent. As a result, you learn to do the same thing for yourself and be genuinely interested in your well being.

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Serving Versus Pleasing

One of the most powerful ways a life coach can help you form an authentic loving relationship with yourself is by being bold and compassionately telling you the hard truth to your face. Unlike your close friends or family who often try to please you by saying what you would like to hear, a life coach can serve you by telling you what no one else dares to say. This boldness forces you to be true with yourself and question your hidden motives, self sabotaging patterns, and limiting beliefs. With guidance and loving support, you learn to become your own best friend and put yourself first. When you put yourself first, you acknowledge your goodness, you appreciate yourself, and you become more content and loving towards yourself.

train your brain with a life coach

Your Own Personal Mind Trainer

Just like our bodies need to be regularly active and flexible to thrive, our minds need the right kind of thinking to feel good and form an authentic loving relationship with ourselves. Many of us have tendencies to focus on our shortcomings and find it difficult to acknowledge the simplest things we do or accomplish. A life coach can help you slow down to notice your default thinking patterns and deliberately cultivate new and empowering thoughts that assist you to consciously shift and notice opportunities and life’s blessings on a consistent bases. The more your thinking becomes in alignment with the frequency of joy and love, the deeper your connection and loving relationship with yourself.

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Someone on Your Side

Another wonderful gift a life coach is providing is being on your side. When life serves you curve balls it is important to have someone who can hear your pain, your challenges, and feel sincere empathy. A life coach is often a person who has been called to serve humanity and is a lighthouse to others who want to experience life more fully and deepen their loving towards themselves.